Personal Testimony from the President

Here is where I was:

I was a stuck-up 18 year old with one senior citizen parent and the other hearing impaired. I  started college because it seemed like the right thing to do. I came to college, did the average college student things, like could not wait for the party on Thursday night and did not mind to the walk or the cold but hated walking to class Friday morning. I realized that I had started going down a spiral , so I stopped. I quit hanging with bad company and became fearful to even enjoy life.

Here is what I saw:

I was sitting in another professor office sharing my last pity party story and She said only you have the power to control what happens in your life. That same week after I got accepted as her employee for Mentoring Assistance for Prospective Scholars ( M.A.P.S) and had a meeting with my co-workers/peers, I started think what has not been done yet.

Here is what I did :

I composed a list of thing I was good at and things that made me happy. On that list, multiple times in different forms, all I kept seeing was growth in African American community and advertising me. I thought then well what if I advertise other African Americans who are helping grow the African American community. In one day, I composed a website of what I wanted people who joined my network to have access to. I was proud of my accomplishment but that was not the end, that was just the blueprint. I stopped working on my passion and the things that made me happy to accomplish some of my school work goals but found that made me miserable. So, now I have publicly announced my organization, PolishedBricks and I have a joy I have never experienced before.

Here is what could happen:

You could be apart of the positive elite of African Americans on You could get your story to the right person who needs to hear the things you have to say .You could be helping change the negative outlook on African Americans with the rest of your PolishedBricks’ family. You could be a witness to the anything can happen slogan , with knowledge and a lot of hard work.  

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