PolishedBricks Welcomes Lauren Rascoe

Lauren Rascoe PolsihedBricksSince her graduation, She has authored her first book of poetry, Beneath My Beautiful: Poetry & Love Notes, which will be released in April. She is currently obtaining her master’s degree in International Marketing in an intensive 12-month program at one of the most international schools in the world, Hult International Business School based in Boston, Massachusetts. She will be participating in their infamous rotation program, to spend 6 weeks at their San Francisco campus during the summer. She come from a family that is known for theirfaith in God, our passion, dedication and hard work. She have always considered myself to be a connoisseur of art and she am very passionate about expression. Life has never been a piece of cake, although it may seem that way from the outside looking in, but she have learned that she must always make my setbacks my come backs and always take ever failure as an opportunity to learn and move forward. Remembering who she is and where she come from has always been a motivation to keep working towards my goals and following my passions. It’s okay to take risks, because the most influential women did not sit back, they made noise; and it is a goal of mine to leave a mark every place she go. She plans to impact the world we live in and she chooses to be the change she wish to see.

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