PolishedBricks Recognizes FIERCE Inc.

Jonnae Chantele PolishedBricks picPolishedBricks recognizes FIERCE Inc. for its outstanding movement to celebrate those individuals who do not let society define them by stereotypes. It is said by the Creator & Owner of FIERCE Inc, Jonnae Chantele, “We are the makers and shakers of our own destiny and decide for ourselves how we want to be portrayed, hence they are FIERCE.” Ms. Jonnae Chantele is an Alumni of Indiana State University with a Bachelors degree in Communications. During her time at Indiana State University, she was the Editor -In- Chief of Word on the Yard which is a magazine under the Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center. And now she is the¬†editorial assistant for the Gary/Chicago Crusader Newspaper at the Gary office. PolishedBricks would like to thank Ms. Jonnae Chantele for inspiring people to be a fiercer themselves. We look forward to sharing your Brick with the PolishedBricks community. One last thing, we welcome you to the PolishedBricks’ family with open arms and are grateful for your support.

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