PolishedBricks Recognizes Nkenge Humphries

By: Kelah MckeeNkenge Humphries

PolishedBricks would like to recognize a powerful, young Black activist, Nkenge Humphries. Nkenge is a Junior,majoring in Communication at Indiana State University, Member of Mentor Assistance for Prospective Scholars (M.A.P.S), Black Student Union, Full Owt Dance Crew, and many other organizations. Nkenge provides knowledge on cultural awareness and she speaks on controversial topics, such as Black on Blue crimes, Human rights and a lot of racial based topics. Nkenge is not your average black college student during the recent Human Rights day protest leaded by African American students at Indiana State had to bring awareness to the BlackLivesMatter movement; The Keynote speaker, Nkenge said “I will not stop chanting, protesting, just because you feel uncomfortable, I want you to feel uncomfortable because this happens to a community of people everyday.” She believes in the importance of every human race but more importantly, equality and justice for Blacks. Ms.Humphries is a firm representation of an African American Queen. The definition of a queen is someone who inherits her birth rights, Ms. Humphries displays this qualities of a queen at all times. She greets everyone of her black sisters and brothers with their ancestral name of King or Queen. She is a visionary role model, the Angela Davis of this century and PolishedBricks salutes you, Queen Nkenge Humphries.

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